CCTV System

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CCTV System

CCTV System

Maximized system for crime prevention effect

In the case of existing CCTVs for crime prevention, they were installed in only one direction facing the opposite direction of the car’s direction of progress; the front license plate was captured, data was collected, but due to the single-directionality of the camera installation, there are blind spots and due to natural backlight, the license plate recognition was difficult. In addition, the front license plate, which is attached to the vehicle with two fixed bolts, is not only easy to replace but can also be forged with special dye, reflectors, etc.; thus, the existing method of taking photos of front license plates of vehicles make the accuracy of the input data drop.

The bidirectional surveillance system of GENTOP Inc. consists of two cameras looking at the road and each other; through intersecting area, the blind spots are removed and can film in response to natural backlight, etc., and can film not only the front license plate but also the back license plate at the same time, which enables maximization of crime prevention.

System Diagram

  • Solves backlight phenomenon
  • Maximizes the data value through filming the front and the back
  • Construction and maintenance expenses are reduced by the camera movement through the screen pattern signal occurrence part

Business Targets

  • Network of roads all over the country